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Name:Alias Pseudonym
Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Alberta, Canada
I give you a poem, written once in answer to the question 'who are you and why should people care what you have to say?'

I am a student of incomplete wisdom.
I am a sailor on oceans of light.
I am a dreamer adrift in the heavens.
I am a star in the brilliance of night.

I am a walker on paths well established.
I am a map-maker sitting at home.
I am a gazer who sees from a distance.
I am preceded wherever I roam.

I am a spinner of shadows; a weaver.
I am a wordsmith; a forger of truth.
I’m a magician, a worker of wonders.
I’m an apprentice, an untested youth.

I am a wanderer far from the city.
I am alone in the midst of the crowd.
I am a silence when thunder is crashing.
I am a voice in the silence, unbound.

I am a nothing; all vacant and empty.
I could be everything, boundless and full.
I have a dream of a future that’s gleaming.
I am in dread of one listless and dull.

I am no more and no less than a person.
I am a song that deserves to be known.
I am a poet; my words hold a power.
I will have strength and speak out on my own.
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