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Jan. 26th, 2017 12:44 am
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Soooo, you know that gate? The one from the stories, with the two guards and one of them only speaks the truth and the other only lies? Well, I was over there just the other day. It's not so far really, just across the sea and over the horizon and through the forgotten forest where the Sun never shines, then you take a left at the narrow bridge over the gaping maw of the abyss and find what you were seeking was in your heart all along.

Anyway, there's this shining wall that rises out of view into the sky and this incredibly beautiful gate with a great lock and on the other side is heaven, or the city of gold or the garden of Eden or something? And on both sides of the gate stand the guards. They are seven feet tall with skin like brass and deep black eyes that twinkle with all the stars in the cosmos -- they wear breastplates and plated skirts of shining steel and their hair is long and woven in majestic patterns with threads of every colour. They are perfect mirrors of each other. each holds a flaming spear in one hand and a shield blazoned with an animal even the wildest of myths have forgotten in the other. I knew they would answer for me only one question. I sat on the ground before the gate and asked:

Will you tell me a story?

And both of them fixed me with their eyes that hold entire galaxies and both of them said,


And I sat there before the gates of Paradise and waited, and the left-handed guard smiled at me, and this is what they said:

(to be continue .... )
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