Jan. 13th, 2015

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Quinn is sitting at her writing desk, staring at her fingers. They are long but pudgey; the nails are trimmed short and painted a dull green. She herself is rather short and is still wearing her coat and scarf even though she is now indoors. She is roughly the shape and colour of a potato. This is actually true of almost everybody, given the right potato -- Quinn more specifically resembles a roundish and somewhat lumpy russet. She is sitting at her writing desk and staring at her fingers and thinking. She does this sort of thing fairly often. She is a very thoughtful person. She often gets lost in the flow of conversations, distracted by an interesting thought -- for example, contemplating what kind of potato the person she is conversing with most resembles.

She is not thinking about potatoes now. She is thinking about a man who is tall and collects hats but does not wear them. She dislikes this man. She is envious of his hat collection, or rather, resents that the owner of such a collection never makes any proper use of it. In particular there is one small pointed hat with a vibrantly green feather which she feels would look very good on her and, since since he never uses it she feels he really ought to lend to to her for special occasions just every once and a while.

She is also not thinking about hats now. She is thinking about the tall man because he has sent her an invitation to a banquet he is holding. This is unusual. She is fairly sure he dislikes her as much as she does him. She could decline the invitation, but it seems likely that the man has something important he wishes to say to her if he has gone to the trouble of inviting her to something like this. Also, perhaps more significantly, she has a soft spot for good food -- especially when it is created and paid for by other people.

She has already decided to go to the banquet. She is thinking about why the tall man would want to talk to her. He probably wants her to do something for him. People often come to her with problems that require a lot of thinking. She is a very thoughtful sort of person.

The tall man’s name is Zachary Haynes. He is a very important member of a particularly secretive organization.
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